The Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIP annual meeting

The Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIPеКannual meetingеКwas heldеКon May 3-4, 2012 at Stanford University.еК Over 20 members from industry and academia attended.еК Many thanks to all participants for a successful meeting!

Using studioSL as a common RE platform

ReadеКabout using studioSL as a common RE platform by clicking here.

Marco Thiele 2011-2012 SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Streamlines in Modern Reservoir Engineering

How streamline simulation can be employed for managing and improving flood performance of brown fields.

This presentation is aimed at giving a high-level description of Streamline Simulation (SLS) and focusing on the use of the technology to help manage and optimize flood performance. Advantages and disadvantages of SLS are highlighted throughout for a balanced presentation of the methodology. The talk concludes with a look to the future by commenting on the directions SLS is evolving toward.


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