studioSL7 with new icons released

One of the features of the NetBeans platform on which studioSL is built is that updates are easily deployed. We make use of this feature to ensure that studioSL is continuously maintained and enhanced.

The Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIP annual meeting

The Streamsim/Stanford History Matching JIPеКannual meetingеКwas heldеКon May 3-4, 2012 at Stanford University.еК Over 20 members from industry and academia attended.еК Many thanks to all participants for a successful meeting!

Using studioSL as a common RE platform

ReadеКabout using studioSL as a common RE platform by clicking here.

Marco Thiele 2011-2012 SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Streamlines in Modern Reservoir Engineering

How streamline simulation can be employed for managing and improving flood performance of brown fields.

This presentation is aimed at giving a high-level description of Streamline Simulation (SLS) and focusing on the use of the technology to help manage and optimize flood performance. Advantages and disadvantages of SLS are highlighted throughout for a balanced presentation of the methodology. The talk concludes with a look to the future by commenting on the directions SLS is evolving toward.


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