Free Training Workshop - Forecasting with Uncertainty

This free workshop is for reservoir engineers working with mature water, polymer, or miscible floods who want to gain an understanding of how to provide reservoir forecasts that include uncertainty by using our Evolve workflow within studioSL. software can help. The EVOLVE® workflow solves a longstanding and difficult problem in reservoir management: quantifying the uncertainty in NPV ensuing from uncertainties related to geological and simulation parameters, forecast scenarios, and economic conditions. The uniqueness of the EVOLVE workflow lies in its selective use of streamlines, distance-based generalized sensitivity analysis (dGSA), calibrating to field- and well-responses efficiently, and the use of multidimensional scaling (MDS) with clustering to extract representative model ensembles. EVOLVE is embedded in a robust and friendly software environment, usable by expert and junior geo-engineers alike. It encapsulates many years of R&D but retains a level of practicality that is indispensable for making timely and informed decisions.

This workshop will cover the stages of the Evolve workflow. Specifically:

  • Screening geomodels
  • Sensitivity analysis on input parameters using dGSA
  • Field-level calibration using screening and differential evolution
  • Well-level calibration
  • Probablistic forecast scenarios
  • NPV of probablistic forecasts
This workshop preceds the 2018 SPE ATCE to be held in Dallas, Tx, USA.
Location: Hotel TBD
Sept 23, 2018, 8:30AM to 4:30PM
Participants must bring a laptop so that we can install our demo software and work through example datasets.
The total number of attendees is limited, with a maximum of two participants per company. Priority is given to existing Streamsim customers.  University students are welcome but will be accommodated only if space remains. Please contact to reserve a spot.  Streamsim reserves the right to cancel the course at any time if needed.

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