Streamline-Based Workflows

studioSL gives engineers a powerful, single entry point to our 4-stage, simple-to-detailed, approach to manage and optimize mature floods: 

  • Reservoir Surveillance - Compute flow-based allocation factors to understand well-pairs and injector patterns.
  • Reservoir Flow Simulation - Efficient flow-simulation of field-scale floods with complex displacements (water flooding, miscible injection, polymer flooding).
  • History Matching - Use SL-based technology to history match large floods on a well-by-well basis preserving geological consistency. 
  • Reservoir Sweep Optimization - Use floodOPT to re-balance well rates and promote good sweep while reducing water cycling on a per pattern basis.

Our Software Solutions

  • studioSL

    is Streamsim's Java-based interface to all our workflows. Pre- and post-processor to simulator input/output.

  • 3DSL

    is Streamsim's 3D, 3-phase streamline flow simulator.

  • Reservoir Surveillance

  • a flow-based workflow to compute rate allocation factors, and to visualize injector patterns.
  • Sensitivity and Screening 

  • of an ensemble of models using unique analysis plots. Extract representative models for further workflows in history matching and forecasting.
  • floodOPT

    is part of a streamline-based workflow to assist in flood management via well rate re-balancing.

  • SL-Based History Matching

    implements a workflow for well-level history matching through model updates in a geologically consistent manner.