Streamsim Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Rod Batycky, Martin Blunt, and Marco Thiele following a five-year research period on streamline-based flow simulation at Stanford University. Since then, Streamsim Technologies has focused on the development of streamline-based tools for reservoir management. Our workflows include reservoir pattern surveillance for mature floods, screening and classifying geomodels by flow simulation, full-field modeling of EOR processes, and reservoir forecasting under uncertainty. studioSL, our desktop application, is currently in use by operators in North and South America as well as Europe and the Middle East. Throughout multiple projects, studioSL has helped our clients to reduce oil decline rates through low-cost means in multiple fields. 

Find out more about streamline simulation from our Journal of Petroleum Technology Jan 2010 Distinguished Author article and from our JPT article on surveillance using streamlines (JPT, May 2016): Mature Flood Surveillance Using Streamlines.

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