studioSL is a desktop environment containing workflows, ranging from reservoir pattern surveillance to ensemble-based reservoir forecasting. studioSL includes 2D and 3D visualization tools, well production data import, grid and simulation building, simulation run scheduling, and exports to Excel and PowerPoint.

studioSL is built on Oracle's NetBeans Java development environment and runs under Windows and Linux 32/64-bit O/S's. Read about using studioSL as a common RE platform here. To request a demo license of studioSL, first register on our download page.


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All the major workflows that we develop are accessible within studioSL.  These include:

studioSL works with our simulator 3DSL®, however studioSL can also visualize simulation results from Eclipse, Intersect, PSim, and Powers.


2D Plotting of Simulation Results

  • field and well-level responses
  • rates or cumulatives
  • injector pattern efficiency plot
  • easily shuffle through multiple wells
  • undock, tile or cascade view of multiple plots
  • compare multiple runs on the same plot
  • export a plot's data to Excel
  • save as a picture or image export to MSOffice, OpenOffice

3D View of Simulation Results

  • Static and dynamic grid properties
  • Slice, zoom, rotate, pick
  • Streamlines, well paths, FPmaps, bubble plots
  • Eclipse formatted grid, wells, streamline properties
  • Animation over multiple timesteps
  • Save as picture or export image to MSOffice or OpenOffice

2D/3D Probabilistic Representation

Probability of OIL > 4048 rm3 obtained from 17 simulations.

  • Display all traditional field/well response as probabilistic representations
  • Display all traditional 3D variables (OIP, saturations, perms, etc) as probabilistic representations


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