3DSL Parallel Add-on Module

Parallel Hardware Supported

3DSL® has a parallel option that can be activated with an optional parallel license. The parallel license puts no restrictions on the number of cores used by 3DSL®--this is user defined meaning that running a 3DSL® deck on 2,4,8,16, or more cores always uses a single parallel license only.  The parallel license is part of the Simulation Base package.
3DSL® requires a shared-memory architecture, which is the architecture present in all multi-core multi-chip laptops and desktops. In shared-memory architecture CPUs share a central, common memory area. In distributed computing architectures, each CPU has its own memory.

Parallel Speedup Performance

However, how much faster 3DSL® will be when running on multiple cores it is not as simple as doubling CPU's will double speedup.
The maximum speedup is related to the overall fraction of parallelized runtime code. Depending on your model physics, number of gridblocks, number of timesteps, and timestep size, determines the fraction of parallelized runtime code. See the chart below to give you a guide as to the speedup performance of 3DSL® as you add cores. Note that the greatest incremental gain in speedup is for a low number of CPU's. Regardless of model type, you can expect at least a 1.5X speedup in run time just by running 3DSL® on a dual-core system. Because Streamsim is continually working to parallelize additional regions of 3DSL®, this means that speedup performance will continue to improve with future releases of 3DSL®.

Speedup of 3DSL® parallel for various simulation models as number of CPU's increases.

SPE10-inc. Incompressible 2-phase. 1.1 million active grid cells, 25 timesteps over 2000 days.

SPE10-comp. Compressible deadoil. 1.1 million active gridcells, 27 timesteps over 2000 days.

Forties. Incompressible 2-phase. 1.5 million active grid cells, 235 wells, 82 timesteps over 34 years.

JudyCreek. Incompressible 3-phase FCM. 623,000 active grid cells, 300 wells, 46 timesteps over 40 years.

SA-yearly. Compressible deadoil, 970,000 active grid cells, 25 wells, aquifer, 24 timesteps over 24 years. SA-monthly is the same run but with 288 timesteps.

ME-Dualphi. Incompressible, 706,000 active grid cells, dualporosity, 145 producers, 60 timesteps over 34 years.


All results are for a 4-core dual CPU 5460 Xeon, Windows 7, 3dsl-win-x64.2014.0301. For further details see SPE paper 118684.

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